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Award winning author, advisor, speaker and “International Ambassador for Trust”, Entente, International Movement of Trust

Vanessa Hall founded and leads the world’s only International Movement of Trust. Her business experience has seen Vanessa move from a career in risk management and compliance in the financial services industry, to a respected adviser improving what she calls ‘the 3 Rs of trust – Results, Retention and Relationships’, through strategies to build and restore trust in organisations, homes and communities.

Her personal experiences left Vanessa doubting if there was anyone in the world she could trust. It was a combination of her business and personal experiences, coupled with an epiphany brought about by her son, that ignited an unstoppable passion and a clear, God given mission that has seen Vanessa dedicate her life to teaching, advising, coaching, speaking and writing to raise a new awareness to the power and fragile nature of trust through her uniquely simple but powerful model of trust.

Her clients are a who’s who of business, government, religious, education and community sectors including Organisations such as Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, Optus, First National Bank, South Africa and RJR Communications Group, Jamaica; Education bodies such as Ministry of Education of Jamaica, Ministry of Education and Science in Russia, Monash University, Association of Christian Schools International; Political and Government bodies such as People’s National Party Jamaica, Police Training Academy Jamaica, and Ministry of National Security; and Community organisations such as Wesley Mission, Benevolent Society, Fusion International and Lifeline. Her work is now rolling out in various forms across countries such as Russia, USA, Canada, Jamaica, South Africa, Germany, UK, New Zealand, and Australia. Through entente foundation, Vanessa started the International Day of Trust as an awareness-raising day to get the world focused back on this much needed value and way of life, and in 2012 she took ‘trust to the streets’ with The Trust Bus.