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Président (Québec), Ipsos

Luc Durand has been appointed President of Ipsos in Quebec in 2011. Ipsos is the largest research company in Canada and now the third largest in the world. Mr. Durand has extensive experience in the marketing and research community.

Mr. Durand completed a Baccalaureate Degree in Mathematics at the University of Montreal, specialized in Actuarial Sciences and Statistics. He also received a Graduate Degree in Marketing at the Ecole des hautes etudes commerciales de Montreal (HEC).

After several years holding the position of actuary with the consultancy firm AON, Mr. Durand was appointed Director of the Marketing Research Division of Mediavision-WWP where he conducted numerous market studies in various fields, in addition to contributing to various benchmarking and client profiling surveys for several media companies and clients in other economic and industrial sectors, such as breweries, insurance companies, real estate, public sector, leisure and entertainment.

He also held the position of Market Research Director at Telemedia where his duties included many research projects on client satisfaction and expectations, benchmarking and product launching and repositioning.

Mr. Durand possesses a tangible expertise in destination marketing due to his previous tenure as general manager of Marketing with Intrawest at the Tremblant Resort. During the four years of his mandate, Mr. Durand was in charge of all marketing activities related to this international destination, ranging from research to strategy, planning, advertising, product development and sponsoring to Website management. His expertise in the field of research is therefore strengthened by a strategic and tactical experience garnered in the tourism industry.

Mr. Durand held the position of Vice-President at CROP, a major Canadian research company for 8 years, specializing in the Tourism and Travel industry for which he led numerous projects in research but also in strategic and tactical marketing.

From there he held the title of Vice President with Bleublancrouge, a leading Quebec-based marketing communications and advertising firm for several years.

Mr. Durand possesses a wide experience in the field of marketing research, most particularly in the tourism and travel sector. He has conducted a great number of studies on behalf of major organizations from the private and public sectors. In researching travelers, Mr. Durand has managed various mandates to the satisfaction of numerous clients.

In addition, Mr. Durand is regularly invited to lecture at conferences held by tourism marketing and research organizations such as the Canadian Ski Council, Tourism and Travel Research Association (International, Europe, Canada), the Marketing Outlook Forum, the American Marketing Association, l’Association des communes touristiques de France and many others. His conferences often address such themes as understanding and analyzing the travelers market and outline marketing strategies to better reach this segment.