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Investigative journalist, politician and special ethics advisor for Octane Strategies

Criminologist by training, Jean-Pierre Charbonneau worked as an investigative journalist specialized in organized crime and corruption for the Le Devoir and La Presse dailies before being elected to the National Assembly in 1976. His 25-year political career, which ended in 2006, included positions such as Parliamentary Assistant to Premier René Lévesque, Speaker of the Quebec National Assembly, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, and Minister responsible for the Reform of Democratic Institutions.

Jean-Pierre Charbonneau then became political analyst for the popular TV show Le Club des Ex on the Réseau de l’information de la télévison of the CBC, as well as commentator, speaker and strategic advisor for various organizations. He is a highly valued and skilled analyst who knows how to break down complex issues, particularly in ethics, leadership, public affairs, organized crime and international cooperation.

Jean-Pierre Charbonneau is a member of the board of directors of Oxfam-Québec, the Groupe Femmes, Politique et Démocratie (GFPD) and the Fondation de la Maison amérindienne de Mont-Saint-Hilaire. He chairs the board of directors of Développement, Expertise et Solidarité internationale (DESI), and is also the ambassador of the PhiloJeunes Project of the Chaire UNESCO d’étude des fondements philosophiques de la justice et de la société démocratique. He collaborates with the Institut d’éthique appliquée of Laval University and acts as strategic advisor to the Institut de la confiance dans les organisations (ICO) and the Mouvement pour une nouvelle démocratie (MDN). He also provides training on Quebec’s political and electoral systems to the Institut québécois d’affaires publiques.