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Vice President of the Québec Medical Association

Dr. Hugo Viens, the Vice President of the Québec Medical Association, holds a doctorate from the Université de Montréal with a specialisation in orthopedic surgery. Convinced of the importance of the mobilisation of doctors for the advancement of medical professionalism, Dr. Viens is actively involved in the association’s actions which aims to improve the healthcare system and the well-being of the population.

Not only is Dr. Viens known for his excellence and humanism, he is also known for his integrity, responsibility and leadership. Ever since the beginning of his practice, he has worked hard to reinforce medicine’s culture of excellence in relation to the population it serves. This vision fuels his interest in the organisation of healthcare, as demonstrated by his involvement with the renowned Service d’orthopédie de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Dr. Viens appreciates the benefits of a universal healthcare system and has developed a new system of healthcare organisation with the launch of Chirurgie Dix30, the largest surgical private practice project in Canada. Dr. Viens is the creator and medical director of the practice.

In addition to his role within Chirurgie Dix30, his orthopedic practice and his active involvement within the Québec Medical Association, Dr. Viens is also an examiner with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, overseeing the certification of graduates in orthopedic surgery. He is also a Fellow of the Royal College and a member of the American, Canadian and provincial orthopedic associations. Dr. Viens is a member of several working committees for the Pôle Santé of HEC Montréal.