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International Summit on Trust in Organizations

The “Trusting Organizations”

May 9-10, 2017 | Rialto Theater (Montreal)

The word “trust” is one of the most powerful words in the English-speaking business community. However, the word “confiance” (trust) is just beginning to acquire its full meaning and power in the Quebec business community. Never has Quebec society felt such a lack of trust towards its organizations.

This is no small challenge. We need to rethink our structures, our public institutions, the way we run our businesses and how professionals work in order to build a sense of trust in our organizations and in our society. This is the reason for the existence of the International Summit of Trust in Organizations. While the first edition of the International Summit of Trust in Organizations in 2015 was intended to be a collective awakening to demonstrate the importance of organizational trust, the second edition will be more practical under the theme of the “Trusting Organization”. We will also be pleased to announce for a third consecutive year the personalities of trust, an unique initiative to pay tribute to the personalities who have contributed the most to improve the public trust toward their sector of activity.

The Summit is a catalyst for reflecting and exchanging ideas on the experiences, vision and success of our speakers and experts regarding the issues surrounding trust in organizations.

For this second edition, we are pleased to invite you to the prestigious Rialto Theatre, listed as a historic landmark by Quebec and Ottawa. The International Summit on Trust in Organizations will be hosted by Mrs. Esther Bégin, journalist, television and radio host, and by Mr. Donald Riendeau, Founder and Managing Director of the Institute for Trust in Organizations. We are also pleased to have the privilege of having among us our Honorary Presidents, Mrs Danièle Henkel, CEO Les Entreprises Danièle Henkel, and Mr. Jean-Paul Bailly, former Chairman of the La Poste Group in France.

*Rialto Theater’s adress: 5723 av du Parc, Montréal, (QC) H2V 4G9

International Summit

Summit Objectives

The main objective of the 2017 International Summit on Trust is to demonstrate to entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, etc. across all sectors that it is possible to put in place practices that contribute to trust in organizations. This Summit will also be a place for discussion and debate, allowing the speakers to share with the participants various approaches and practices for building trust in organizations, both internally (employees, managers, unions, executives, administrators and shareholders) and externally (clients, partners, media, regulators and the general public).

The second objective is for executives and managers to realize, at the end of the Summit, that trust is more than just a word and is something that requires work. Trust is neither a value nor a behaviour nor an attitude. Trust is the result of the sum of values, behaviours and attitudes. We want to give our participants some tools to help them to being able to contribute to the international movement of trust that is emerging more and more all over the World and that they can make a difference in the management of today’s businesses.

What will you learn at this Summit?

  • The importance of trust in our organizations and in our society
  • The status of trust in organizations in Quebec and around the world
  • The ingredients to be a trusted organization
  • The keys to becoming a trusted leader
  • International Movement of Trust
  • Trust, our elected officials and our public institutions
  • How to rebuild trust in times of crisis
  • The role of professionals

Who will participate?

  • The Summit is intended mainly for directors of private, public and non-profit organizations, who must lead the way in building trust
  • The Summit will also be of interest to professionals who want to contribute to building trust