Danièle Henkel

Honorary co-chair, CEO of Les entreprises Danièle Henkel Inc.

Hervé Sérieyx

Honorary co-chair, International Vice-president of France Bénévolat.

Esther Bégin

Moderator, journalist, author, communication specialist.

Me Donald Riendeau

Moderator, General manager and cofounder, Institut de la confiance dans les organisations (ICO).
Continuing Education!
Ordre des Comptables Profesionnels Agréés du Québec (CPA)
Ordre des Conseillers en Ressources Humaines Agréés (CRHA)
Ordre des Administrateurs Agréés (AdmA)

About the Institute

The Institute is a non-profit making and financially independent organisation whose mission is to “assist in the development and promotion of a climate of trust in organisations and society. We want to launch and strengthen a movement that will allow the Canada of 2025 to stand out as a trusted society. This trust will lead to pride, commitment, investment, collective mobilisation and a better quality of life.” Our facet of intervention is organisational trust, which consists of establishing a sounding board for multiple interests within an organisation and between the organisation and its stakeholders. We support organisations in diagnostics and paths of trust, offering training, conducting research, organising various events, developing tools and regularly taking a stand with regard to certain important issues.

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Donation to Fondation Jasmin Roy

The Institute for Trust in Organizations will donate part of the proceeds from the Summit to the Fondation Jasmin Roy in order to help them achieve their goals.
The primary mission of Fondation Jasmin Roy is to fight bullying, violence and discrimination against elementary and secondary school children. Its goal is to promote caring environments for students by supporting and organizing various initiatives that provide more effective intervention with victims, aggressors and witnesses. Fondation Jasmin Roy is committed to finding long-term solutions to the problems of violence and bullying in all walks of life; Fondation Jasmin Roy also seeks to create caring and positive work environments by preventing harassment as well as elder abuse.

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