Accueil Conférenciers: Mikkel Rosengaard

Conférenciers internationaux

Head of Backend Programmers Department and Junior Partner, Pentia A/S. Denmark.

Mikkel Rosengaard has worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years. He has worked for the European Commission during the international Embargo against Serbia and Montenegro. He has done consulting for The Danish State Radio and Television, The royal Danish mail, numerous municipalities in Denmark as well as private companies throughout Denmark and Europe.

For the past 6 years, he has worked at Pentia A/S where he now serves as the Head of Backend development department, as well as being a Junior Partner. He is deeply involved in both the strategic and practical implementation of the trust based environment in Pentia.

Pentia is a digital agency that designs and builds complex web solutions for large companies and government institutions.

Pentia is built, and runs, on three simple values: Fun, Respect and Responsibility. Trust is what binds these values together, and at the same time, trust grows from them. In a survey done in 2016 in Pentia, 100% of the employees answered (with the highest possible value), that they trust the management in Pentia.

Trust between all employees in Pentia as well as between Pentia and the clients, is essential to the way we work in the company. It is there from the beginning, it is a given, and without it, Pentia would not exist.